Christmas Puzzle

Christmas Puzzle

Have fun on these holidays with this Chistmas-themed puzzle game

Christmas holidays are a time for relaxing and having fun with family and friends. In this puzzle game, you need to match three or more identical ornaments in horizontal or vertical rows (diagonal rows don't count) by swapping adjacent boxes. Once you have matched a row, it will disappear, and new ornaments will fall into the picture. Also, you will receive points for each element of the eliminated rows. There are two coins in each picture as well. You need to eliminate all the ornaments that prevent the coins from falling out of the frame. Once you achieve this, the coins will add to your account and you will be able to purchase new ornaments to decorate your home, such as a snowman, garlands, Christmas tree lights, and so on. If you can't find any possible row, the program will give you hints to do so. Also, if there isn't any possibility of forming rows, you can use a hammer to destroy any ornament you want, thus allowing new ornaments to enter the picture and increasing the chances of forming new rows. Once you have used the hammer, you will need to allow it to recharge so that you can use it again.
The shareware version of the game is fully functional, and you can play it during 60 minutes. If you want to play the game without limitations, then you need to purchase a license.

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